just what you need

Your marketing budget is gone, your prize closet is empty, your morning show has nothing to give away and you need something to drive traffic to your web site.

enter free promo network

Cool stuff for your station to give away on the air, or on your web site. Free Promo Network secures top of the line prizes at no cost to you. No cash, no barter spots, simply trade for mention - Regardless of market size.

this aint junk

Because the Free Promo Network has many radio partners supporting these national contests, the prizes are always worth your time... and something your listeners would love to win. You are always allowed to pick and choose which promotions are right for your station. There is never any obligation to participate in anything you don't think will work for you.

it's just that simple

When you join the network, you'll receive information on what contests are running and when. You pick and choose the ones that fit your schedule. No affidavits, No paperwork, No hassle.

Be sure to ask about our market exclusive options.